Psalm 146:5–The Turning Point and the Second Half, God is God…

As depressing as verses 3 and 4 are, we (thankfully) reach a pivot and turn at verse 5:

Psa 146:5  Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God

Trusting in men is immediate, easier, but ultimately a letdown.  Trusting is God is where we are headed with this psalm.   Good comment here:

Alas, how often do we trust when we should be afraid, and become afraid when we should trust! – Lange’s Commentary.

I also like the Believer’s Bible Commentary here where he connects the second part of this psalm to particular character traits in God.  This list would be good to meditate upon:

“The way of happiness, help, and hope is to rely on the God of Jacob, that is, the God of the undeserving. Here are some of the reasons why He is worthy of all our confidence:
146:6   Omnipotent Creator. He made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all the creatures in the universe. If He can do that, what can’t He do?
Dependable One. He keeps truth forever. It is impossible for Him to lie or to go back on His word. There is no risk involved in trusting Him. He cannot fail.
146:7   Advocate of the helpless. He sees to it that the righteous are vindicated, that their cause eventually triumphs. The waves may seem to be against them but the tide is sure to win.
Provider. He gives food to the hungry, both in a spiritual and physical sense. He brings us into His banqueting house, and what a table He spreads!
Emancipator. He sets the captives free—from human oppression, from the chains of sin, from the grip of the world, from the bondage of the devil, and from selfish living.
146:8   Sight-Giver. The LORD opens the eyes of the blind; some are blind physically, some mentally and spiritually. Some by birth, some by accident, and some by choice. No case is too hard for Him.
Uplifter. He lifts the flagging spirits of those who are bowed down beneath the burdens of worry, affliction, trouble, and sorrow.
Lover of good men. Barnes writes, “It is a characteristic of God, and a foundation for praise, that He loves those who obey law, who do that which is right.”
146:9   Protector of exiles. He is interested in the welfare of strangers, sojourners, and exiles. Pilgrims find a true paraclete in Jehovah.
Friend of the bereft. He upholds the fatherless and the widow, and all others who have no human helper.
Judge of the evil. He thwarts the best laid plans of ungodly men and makes the way of the wicked end in ruin.
146:10   Eternal King. In contrast to man’s transiency is the eternity of God. The LORD shall reign forever—to all generations. Praise the LORD!”  -BBC


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