Structure of the Psalms

The structure of the end of the book of psalms:

Psalms 145 through 150   Praise Psalms

Psalm 140–144  Petition Psalms
“And it is observable,  1. That after five psalms of prayer follow six psalms of praise; for those that are much in prayer shall not want matter for praise, and those that have sped in prayer must abound in praise. Our thanksgivings for mercy, when we have received it, should even exceed our supplications for it when we were in pursuit of it. ”   -Matthew Henry

Accountability and the Psalms

I have been waffling about for weeks, reluctant to commit to a Bible “plan” for 2010–don’t wish for the relentless pace of a one-year deal, nor do I care for the plan to drag on for three years or so.   I find myself coming back to the psalms again–the psalms and Spurgeon.  This blog is a way to make myself accountability with my reading.