Psalm 145–Making our own song of praise

David had blessed God many a time in other Psalms, but this he regarded as his peculiar, his crown jewel of praise. Certainly David’s praise is the best of praise, for it is that of a man of experience, of sincerity, of calm deliberation, and of intense warmth of heart. It is not for any one of us to render David’s praise, for David only could do that; but we may take David’s Psalm as a model, and aim at making our own personal adoration as much like it as possible: we shall be long before we equal our model. Let each Christian reader present his own praise unto the Lord, and call it by his own name. What a wealth of varied praise will thus be presented through Christ Jesus!”  -Spurgeon

Spurgeon recognized that the Lord is blessed by the diversity of our praise.  Because our praise is chiseled out of our own experiences–our own times of struggle, humility, and victory–no one else can really write our psalm or sing it as well as we can.

It’s an interesting challenge.  What would I say in my psalm to God?  As Spurgeon noted, it does seem like it will be long coming and long worked upon.  But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t begin it now…our lives are in a sense a praise unto Him, works in progress, for sure, but works nonetheless.