Albert Barnes summing the whole book up…

“In the review of the whole there is occasion for praise. In view of all that has been disclosed about God, about his religion, about the manifestations of his mercy and grace to his people, there is occasion for praise. After all that has been experienced, observed, and recorded in this book – all of trial, sorrow, temptation, conflict, disappointment, sickness, bereavement, persecution, war, captivity, bondage, exile, tears, pain, darkness, trouble – there is, as the result of the whole, as there will be at the end of our own troubled and chequered lives, occasion for exultation, praise, triumph – songs, rejoicings, raptures, hallelujahs.” -Albert Barnes Psalm 150

I love the psalms because they encompass the scope of all of our emotions and our lives, all the things Barnes mentions and more.  What a great God we serve that He hears us, makes a way for us, even redeems the crud in each of our lives and uses it to His praise and our good.  Praise God that He attentively listens to all of our songs, our psalms whether grateful, angry, tormented, confused, humble, or joyful.  What a King!