Ordering within the Creation (Ps 147:8)

Psalm 147:8 “He covers the heavens with clouds, provides rain for the earth, and makes the grass grow in mountain pastures.

In the order of the world there is an excellent chain of causes, by which all things hang together, that so they may lead up the soul to the Lord. – Thomas Manton.

I like what Thomas Manton says here about how the world should lead us to lift our eyes to God.  Instead of looking for God literally within His creation (as a pantheist would) we are to marvel at the intricately woven chain of dependency and then marvel at God.

What does this mean for an earth increasingly burdened by “broken links” in the chain (environmental problems, eradication of species, etc)?  I’m not sure.   Also, isn’t it sad that evolutionary theory has done its best to turn God’s glory as revealed by His creation upon its head?  Instead of seeing His handiwork as a source of praise, we end up burdened with a head full of questions about how to reconcile carbon dating, fossils, and plate tectonics with His word.  Sad.