My Kidisms….(just stashing more junk from my photo site)

I’ve decided to keep a running log of things these kids say that crack me up.  Grace, in particular, says stuff that is just so out of sync with her age.  She’s very “proper” and precise about things in a different kinda way.

Anyway….here’s the latest:

Rose:  thought our president’s name was “Broccoli-Obama.”

Grace:  “Mom, when you have a chance, I need more breakfast materials and new shoes.”

Grace: “I love tacos, it’s such a family-friendly meal.”

Thinking about this….I don’t think David SAYS as many funny things.  Words are not his thing–instead he DOES quirky things, like unscrewing our pantry doors…and he has a total fascination with batteries.

May 5th–Rose at dinner:  “I love broccoli, it’s good–especially the hairy parts.”

May 30th–David about my garden:  “I like your garden mom.  Everyone else’s garden has the stuff all together but yours is all over the place.”

May 31st- Elizabeth to Rose: “and you better wipe that look off your face.”  Rose:  runs her tongue around the outside of her mouth.

June–I’m starting to think that I watch too much reality TV.   When I was trying to explain to David how when we die our spirit goes immediately to heaven to be with God but the body waits in the ground until Jesus comes back and then He gives us a new body, he responded with “..kind of like in Extreme Home Makeover when they go to Disney World and come back to a new house?”  I’m like…wellllll, kind of like that, I guess….

Then yesterday when I was trying to explain to the children how sperm fertilizes an egg, and how out of all the sperm, just ONE single sperm is allowed to penetrate, then the rest are “sent away,”  and David came back with “Kind of like in the Bachelorette?”

He doesn’t watch the Bachelorette with me for the record! ; ) BUT his mind works in interesting ways, nonetheless…

June–Rose uses the expression “steamy please”….Grace (her translator I guess) says that it’s like saying “pretty please”….or “very much please”