Psa 147:2  The LORD doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel.

We are studying India in homeschool and in our Missionary Adventures class at church.  Wednesday, I was trying to give the children an overview of India–how many people live there, how many are Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Sihk, Jain, and Christian.  They had many questions about the caste system, which though illegal in India today, still exists.

What a different mindset our Lord and our faith has!   I thank God that He doesn’t reject the outcast, but even gathers them together.   How different from their concept of caste, karma (which in my mind is just a hip word for “works”) and reincarnation.  I’m so thankful we don’t have to work our way up any ladder, Christ did it all–for the outcasts too!

There are none of his people so despicable in the eye of man, but they are known and regarded by God. Though they are clouded in the world, yet they are the stars of the world; and shall God number the inanimate stars in the heavens, and make no account of his living stars on the earth? No; wherever they are dispersed, he will not forget them: however they are afflicted, he will not despise them. The stars are so numerous that they are innumerable by man; some are visible and known by men, others lie more hid and undiscovered in a confused light, as those in the milky way; a man cannot see one of them distinctly. God knows all his people. As he can do what is above the power of man to perform, so he understands what is above the skill of man to discover. – Stephen Charhock.