Psalm 144:3 God Esteem

” LORD, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man, that thou makest account of him! ” -Psalm 144:3

A Christian perspective can be an odd thing–sometimes it leads me to weight two seemingly opposite things and call them both true.

For instance, Psalm 144:3 brings me to a  humble appraisal of my own worth.   David’s got an earnest and worthwhile question here:

Why does He bother with the likes of us?

Even more, not only does He bother with us, He makes an accounting of us individually.  The root of the word account here means literally “to weave, plait, fabricate” –surely this is no casual knowing that our Lord is after.

God chooses to interweave Himself into our lives with one big caveat– if we will let Him.  Either way, He knows us intimately so that’s not His motive and that’s not the question. But He’s designed things in such a way that we can choose or reject His desire to interpenetrate us with His Spirit.  He’s no party crasher.

But, if we let Him, He’s willing to take the commonplace elements of our lives and mould them into something strikingly beautiful, all of which is a testimony to His skill,  His craftsmanship.

What dissonance!  In one sense we certainly are of “little consequence,”  in the grand scheme of  His Universe, and  we are guilty of elevating ourselves in our egocentric hearts and minds.   The result is a distorted concept of self-worth, an inaccurate hubris.

On the other hand, the Lord of All Creation values each of us in ways that are completely over-the-top and undeserved.  He cherishes relationship with us,  and this cherishing alone is enough to transforms our own sense of worth completely–not self-worth, but God worth.

Our worth is not merited; it is merely because He said so.